My husband and I canicrossed together and it was a terrific way to equalize our running abilities. We each had our own belts harnessed to our strong dog and were able to run together and enjoy the boost of canicross. I was concerned that the take off would be jarring but the bungee line made the start as smooth as the rest of the adventure. I highly recommend trying this with a partner … at least for the first time. It won’t be your last!

—Sharon White, age 76

When Meghan first harnessed me up to her Husky, I could only envision being yanked and then dragged across a trail like a string of empty cans attached to some newlyweds’ car. Instead Meghan’s Husky, Granite, took off and I felt myself flying along the trail and yet in perfect control. The only better feeling would be to actually fly through the air.

If you want to feel on top of the world you have to try Canicross and try it with Meghan.

—Mark Spencer, age 61

Our 8-year-old recently had his first “cani-cross” lesson with Meghan at Dog Powered Fun. He’s always loved dogs, but Meghan took it to a whole new level, combining his love with his interest in nature and running! She was great at gauging his comfort level while running with the tether line attached to her very patient husky. We highly recommend this activity for spending quality time (and getting exercise!) with your family and dogs.

—Tony Dowers, Belmont, MA

My 9-year old daughter and I had a canicross lesson today with Meghan and her daughter, Madeline. It was incredibly fun and so much easier than we both expected. The dogs were all so well-trained and it was an incredibly cool experience to run powered mostly by the dogs – you feel light on your feet! It is a perfect melding of nature, exercise and a love for animals. Meghan’s enthusiasm for the sport and the dogs only added to the experience. We can’t wait to take our next lesson!

—Kim Morris, Lincoln, MA

Until Canicross my dog was a friend and a great pet. However, canicross made my dog a teammate in every sense of the word. He and I are now partners in this joint effort. I now have a different and closer relationship with my dog. I understand the relationship between horse and rider in horse racing.

—Russ White, age 78