Rent Gear

DogPoweredFun will provide you with all of the gear that you and your dog need for your canicross lesson. Our free rental package includes:

  • A Non-stop Freemotion Harnness for your dog
  • A canicross belt (either hip or waist depending upon your preference and the strength of your dog)
  • A running line with an integrated bungee to connect you to your dog

Non-stop Freemotion Harness

The Non-stop Freemotion Harness is a versatile harness which ensures a free respiratory tract for your dog while pulling and has a pulling point which does not limit your dog’s movement or power.

DogPoweredFun owns every size of Freemotion harness and will bring a few options to ensure a good fit for your dog. Please be sure to complete the online intake form when you register for your class. This brief form includes important questions about your dog’s size, strength and temperament.

Below is a helpful video which shows you how we will fit your dog’s harness:

image of hip belt

Canicross Belt

You will wear a canicross belt that is somewhat similar to a climbing belt. DogPoweredFun owns several different types of both hip and waist belts and will find one that suits you.

Hip belts are generally for faster, harder pulling dogs. My favorite hip belt is the Non-stop running belt pictured here.

Image of a waist belt

Waist Belt

If your dog enjoys the canicross experience but is not a real powerhouse, a waist belt is probably your best option. These belts are easy to put on and adjust and have a great deal of cushioning for a comfortable run. Pictured here is an example of a canicross waist belt.

Image of Non-Stop Running Line

Non-stop running line

The Non-stop running line is 6 feet long and is made with an elastic material specifically designed for comfort when running with your dog. This semi-elastic line provides shock absorption for both the runner and the dog.


While DogPoweredFun does not sell gear, if at any point you would like assistance in gear selection and purchase we would be happy to help.

Here is a wonderful inspirational video of all of the Non-stop canicross gear in action. I hope that you are inspired and give it a try!