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One of the greatest aspects of canicross is that you can do it on almost any trail. Your dog will be on a lead so you will not be restricted to off leash trail areas. You and your dog will have a great time on any single or double track trail or carriage path.

Image of three dogs.

Always be sure to plan your run in advance, especially during the warmer months. Ensure that your dog will have frequent access to water by routing your run by several ponds or streams. Fortunately, in Lincoln, this is not hard to do. You should also supplement with your own water.

Be sure to practice good trail etiquette. I have learned over the past year that many people are easily startled when they see a dog and its owner careening down a trail. When you approach people, give them a soft verbal warning and yield the trail to the walker or jogger.

DogPoweredFun conducts most lessons on the trail network in Lincoln. Typically, classes will meet near 400 South Great Road (Rt 117) in Lincoln in the parking lot at the head of the trail. We will run the trail network known as Beaver Pond – Stony Brook. Here is a map of the trail network we will explore.

Beaver Pond Stony Brook Map from Lincoln Conservation Trust

If you are traveling West on Route 117, the lot will be shortly after Round Hill Road on your right. If you are traveling East, the lot will be shortly after Stone Gate Gardens on left hand side of the road.

Once you have gotten your feet wet, there are numerous trails you can canicross with your dog. In addition to the Beaver Pond-Stony Brook Trails, here are a few suggestions in the Lincoln area.


Park in the Donelon’s parking lot at 145 Lincoln Road in Lincoln to access the Codman, Mt Misery, Baker Bridge, Pine Hill and Flint’s Pond trails. You will have a few road crossings to link these trails systems. Here are links to each of the areas or you can visit the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust to buy a comprehensive trail map. SEE: Lincoln Conservation Trust Shop

Codman Trails near Donelan’s:
Lincoln Center Map from Lincoln Conservation Trust

Mt Misery Trails:
Mount Misery and Farrar Map from Lincoln Conservation Trust

Flint’s Pond Trails:
Flints Pond Map from Lincoln Conservation Trust

You may also canicross with these interactive maps and Google Earth Photos. This resource was developed by Thomas Rhines, who developed the maps as an Eagle Scout Project.

Lincoln Scout: Lincoln Hikes

If you are more comfortable with wider, softer trails, you might want to try Jericho Town Forest in Weston, Massachusetts. The map below highlights several parking areas and details the Jericho Forest Trails.

Town of Weston Jericho Forest Map

These are just some of my favorite trail networks. In addition to the Lincoln Trails (http://lincolnconservation.org/), go explore the additional Weston Trails (http://www.weston.org/489/Weston-Trail-Maps) or try out Concord’s extensive trail network. http://concordma.gov/734/Trail-Maps-Guides

Image of water flowing over dam.