About Us

Our Mission

Image of Meghan with dogs on trail.
Dog Powered Fun was started in 2017 by Meghan Lytton to introduce and promote the sport of Canicross to interested dog owners in the Metrowest area. Meghan discovered canicross in 2015 after she adopted Granite, her first high energy Siberian Husky. She was looking for a way to help him burn off energy while also getting in some exercise for herself. Simply stated, Canicross is trail running while attached to your dog. It is a great way to strengthen your bond with your dog, get fit, enjoy the trails and have fun.

Dog Powered Fun donates 10% of its profits to the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust. Today the future of our public lands is being hotly debated due to numerous bills introduced in federal and state legislation. Trail runners, dog walkers and canicrossers are all active users of conservation land. Without this land, we have no sport. All of the trails we walk and run on are the result of the work of environmental stewards who ensured that these lands were conserved. In Lincoln, these stewards were and are members and leaders of the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust as well as the Conservation Commission. At Dog Powered Fun, we feel it is critical to support their efforts. As you and your dog begin to enjoy the trails in a new way, please consider making a donation to the LLCT.



Our services

Dog Powered Fun offers 60 minute individual canicross lessons for both you and your dog for $75.00.

All lessons are individual and take place on the Lincoln Trails. Details on lessons are on our services page. Contact us to schedule a session.